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What does Bespoke mean?
Bespoke means something made to order.

I can't find an accessory that is suitable what can I do?
A bespoke item is the answer- designed and hand crafted to suit your needs.

How much will my bespoke item cost
Each bespoke item is unique therefore, we cannot quote a price on your order untill we have enough information to determine the overall cost

How long will my bespoke item take?
Connie and Dolly recieve a great deal of bespoke work each year and we reconmmend that you contact us well in advance to avoid disappointment. Depending on wether a piece of vintage jewellery needs to be sourced and the time it takes for us to find and price the item/s to be used this will determin the time frame from start to finish. Some previous designs cannot be repeated due to the nature of certain vintage jewellery and fabrics that are hard or costly to source. Connie and Dolly will endeavor to help as much as possible. Orders can take upto three months so dont delay!

I would like a bespoke accessory created but how does it work?
The process from design to creation is simple. Just email us the following imformation;
• WEDDING DRESS/ATTIRE (images sent as attachments please)
• PROPOSED HAIR STYLE/IDEAS (images sent as attachments please)
• COLOURS/THEMES (images sent as attachments please)
• LIKES/DISLIKES  (images sent as attachemnts please)

Once this information is received a design can be put in place via images sent in an email and sketches to you. We cannot send vintage samples, for example a vintage brooch that would be used in an accessory.Pearls, Crystals and fabric swatches (including bird cage veiling) can be requested for colour matching.

Items such as SASHES (bridal belts), CUFFS and BIRD CAGE VEILS must be measured with our advice to ensure a correct fit.

A deposit of 50% is required before work can commence and non refundable even if you do not proceed with the order, bespoke items are non refundable, we cannot re -sell any items on our website. Bespoke items made to size for example a sash, must be measured by our requirements and advice. We cannot be repsonsible for unsuitable measurements given to us so please ask.

A refund will only be given if an item is broken or damaged-we throroughly inspect every item before delivery and every care is taken to make sure your accessory arrives in perfect condition.

Upon deciding on a design you shall recieve a quote via email for the item(s). If you are happy to proceed a 50%non refundable deposit is required for work to commence. This will be sent in the form an invoice attached to an email where you can make a payment with either a bank transfer or Paypal.

Please note you can amend your bespoke item upto three times only-vintage items are delicate and cannot be reworked too many times.

The final balance must be paid before your items can be shipped.
Regular updates via email will follow with images so any changes can be made.

I would like to place a bespoke order how do I do this?
Email: info@connieanddolly.com 
Telephone: 07891822319